Out with the old way of learning, in with the new way using eLearning in the cloud. Making eLearning at the speed of business.

Bring teams up to speed fast with just-in-time online training.

 Online Learning. Evolved.


Our philosophy is to create a buzz in the eLearning realm.

Creating online classrooms that inspire teaching and learning. Our innovative design that’s proven to be lightweight, impulsive, interactive and engaging.

“Be prepared for awesomeness!”

Using intuitive high-resolution visual graphics, animations, and videos to engage all age groups.

Making our TeLMS™ system optimal for a higher memory retention rate than other methods of learning by a staggering 70%.

Using our TeLMS™ a web-based learning tool, lets you easily transform your existing material including: documents, presentations, flyers, brochures, or training content into engaging, multimedia on-line learning based training with measurable impact.

Cloud-based eLearning using an adaptive management system.

It is uniquely architected as an multilingual, stunning visual graphics, animations and videos to engage all age groups interested in learning.

We give you the technology you need to transform your eLearning. Our TeLMS™ is that technology. Now imagine it being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a years at lightning internet speed. Accessible from anywhere in the world on any device.




All Plans Include These Great Features

Measurable Results

(Testing & Grading)

Easily create an unlimited number

of Courses, Lessons, and Lesson

Topics. Three-levels for optimal learning.

Set a timer for your lessons and

users can’t mark it complete until

the timer reaches zero.


(Tracking & Reporting)

Sell your courses for a one-time price,

or require subscription payments.

Set course and lesson pre-requisites.

Users can visually track their progress

using the progress bar or their profile.


(Anywhere & Anytime)

Create a quiz, set a passing score,

and TeLMS will issue certificates

to those who pass.

Users can provide real-time

feedback to your courses and

lessons – a perfect way to encourage



(Themes & Certificates)

Users have the option to download

a certificate whenever they obtain

a passing score on a quiz.

Responsive support with experience

setting up learning programs for Fortune

500 companies. We got your back.

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