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Eco Terra Media Group, Inc. is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered in Ohio. Our core product called TeLMS™, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that lowers costs and simplifies all your training needs. TeLMS™ uses the power of cloud computing to provide technology, productivity and skills training with secure, easy administration. TeLMS™ offers a comprehensive hosted training solution for organizations that want to lower costs and simplify training administration by using the our Online Virtual Cloud Classroom.

TeLMS™ is fully compatible with:

176-ipad  Smartphones and Tablets (Apple & Android)

174-imac Desktop PCs & Macs

175-macbook Laptops, Netbooks and Notebooks



TeLMS™ was born digital — it’s in our DNA!

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Eco Terra Media Group, Inc. is a Green America Bronze Certified Business.

Economic Action For A Just Planet!

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Bronze Businesses earn this certification level as they start their path to sustainability and are implementing sustainable practices in the workplace.

Look for the Certified Business Seal to find green products and services from thousands of businesses committed to social and environmental responsibility. As companies make greater progress, we recognize their efforts with one of three certification: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Eco Terra Media Group, Inc. exists to help solve important environmental & social issues and our founding principles are reflected in the way we operate our company.

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corp.


At Eco Terra Media Group, Inc., we take our responsibility to each of our stakeholders seriously. As an cloud-based educational firm, we have a central responsibility as a steward of the capital markets and this obligation underscores the services we offer, the employees we hire and promote, the clients we engage with, and the way we intersect with and invest in our communities. We’ve built a solid reputation for professionalism by delivering on our commitments in line with professional standards, our core values, and our stakeholders’ expectations; and we will continue our efforts to sustain the capital markets and our firm.Our corporate responsibility commitments are best understood through the four pillars we use to help guide our actions—Integrity, Corporate Citizenship, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Environment. Taken together, these pillars create value for our partners, employees, clients, communities, and the capital markets we serve.

Corporate Responsibility
“Enterprise Sustainability”

Doing Business Better
Workforce Readiness

Eco Terra Media Group’s (ETMG) Living Green program is a major pillar of our corporate responsibility platform, and represents our commitment to affecting change in our business operations to minimize the firm’s environmental profile, educating our people on sustainable behaviors, and continuing our focus on environmental stewardship in the communities in which we do business.

The outstanding results we have achieved through Living Green exemplify high performance and environmental stewardship as we strive to build a sustainable future for our business, our people, and the communities in which we live and work.

With Living Green, ETMG is examining its environmental practices and ramping up efforts to improve them. It is a national effort that is most effective because it has captured the imaginations of people in the firm’s collective backyard – its local offices.

By incorporating Living Green into ETMG’s decision-making process, as it focuses on continuous improvement in its business processes and practices, the firm has become more environmentally responsible. We are continuously identifying leading practices that encourage partners and employees to Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The 4Rs provide a foundation for the Living Green program and serve to build awareness around environmental concerns with our partners and employees, and assist in the identification of improvement opportunities.

One of the key components of the Living Green program is the continuous education provided to our people through monthly tips on how to improve environmental performance both personally and professionally. Beyond this, many additional programs and new firmwide processes are in place. Following is a sampling of some of these activities.


      • Conducting meetings virtually and promoting the firm’s video conferencing technology as an alternative to travel
      • Eliminating bottled water from conference centers
      • Promoting the use of stairs versus elevators and escalators to curb energy use and get in shape as an added bonus


      • Turning off desk and office lights when leaving the office or conference rooms
      • Firmwide approach to power-saving settings on all computers
      • Scanning documents into a portable document format (PDF) to share electronically versus printing or sending through
      • Scanning documents to a portable document format (PDF) to share electronically
      • Printing double-sided whenever possible


      • Donating used cell phones and glass frames to various charitable organizations
      • Using coffee mugs and water bottles instead of disposable cups
      • Promoting the use of rechargeable batteries
      • Collecting used office supplies (e.g., binders, pens, notepads, etc.) and redistributing



    • Collecting used batteries for proper disposal
    • Using designated recycle bins and shred bins for copy paper, newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass
    • Promoting the use of rechargeable batteries
    • Recycling used toner cartridges
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