Tea by the Sea_optimized

You will need:

1 apple of any variety
1 cinnamon stick
16 oz of filtered tap water (no bottled water, our landfills & oceans can’t handle any more)
1 large mason jar

-Slice the apple into 12-14 equal pieces and place them in the mason jar.
-Add the cinnamon stick (1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon will work as well).
-Top with ice.
-Fill completely with cold water from your water cooler.
-Shake and place in the fridge for at least 15 minute.

Grab a straw and enjoy ice cold Apple Cinnamon water directly out of your mason jar!

Trying to ditch soda-pop, increase your metabolism and detox naturally.

You have come to the right place- you can do all of that with one simple beverage.

Apple Cinnamon water is easy to make, costs pennies and it is pretty darn tasty to boot!


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Catherine Pane

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