The Spring and Fall months are the best times to examine your home, and decide how to get ready for the season. There are a couple of approaches to get your home prepared for a change in temperatures, including cleaning out the carport, settling the sprinklers, and, obviously, nourishing the grass.

Anyhow, let’s be honest, grass nourishment is to some degree lavish. Also the way that on the off chance that its connected mistakenly, you run the shot of consuming your grass and exacerbating it look than it initially did.

Luckily, there is a different option for lavish, hard to apply grass sustenance, and it includes things that you as of now have in your home.


Here’s what you need to make your own lawn tonic:

[1] 1 bottle of beer Did you know? Beer promotes microbial action in the grass, and breaks down into nitrates. This feeds the lawn as good as many store-bought fertilizers.

[2] 1 can of soda (Regular Sugar, Not Diet)

[3] ½ cup of mouthwash. Here’s a fun fact: mouthwash is a great pesticide, and kills the bugs that will kill your lawn and turn it brown.

[4] ½ cup of ammonia Ammonia is a natural way to turn your lawn into a healthy, lush green landscape.

[5] ½ cup of dish soap (Only use regular non anti-bacterial liquid dish soap), and mix it into the solution. This helps spread the mixture evenly. Mix it all together thoroughly, and add it to a hose sprayer. You can find one of these, preferably at least 10 gallons in size, online and at various home improvement stores or nurseries. Wake up early in the morning, after the last frost of the season has hit, and apply the solution to your lawn.

Hudson 2100 Hose End 26 oz Sprayer

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