National Geographic’s environmental change narrative with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The docufilm featuring Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio is at present time on YouTube, Twitter and a couple of different stages, where it will be accessible totally free for a limited time.

In the narrative, DiCaprio ventures into the part of a courageous ecological examiner, handling the negative impacts of environmental change and looking for a practical approach to keep the death of jeopardized species, biological communities and local groups over the planet.

Simultaneously, the performing artist questions a large number of unmistakable specialists, trailblazers and open figures including President Barack Obama and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

National Geographic picked to make Before the Flood accessible for nothing as a feature of its late natural activity went for bringing issues to light of the negative impacts of environmental change. Since yesterday, the eco-flick has so far amassed more than 1.2 million perspectives on YouTube and 8,800 retweets on Twitter.

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