We were impressed on how easy TeLMS™ was to use, publish, modify courses and track results. Giving our group the ability to focus on new course development. We found our Return on Investment (ROI) to be high. This turned into a one-stop shop for sending new hires, employees and vendors emailed links with detailed instructions and passwords without relying on our own internal IT department. We receive one e-mail per week with all of the stats for those enrolled in the online courses, saving us time and money.

Kelly Welsh, RN, MSN (βeta Tester)


After reviewing several online based eLearning solutions we selected TeLMS™ for it’s customizable and intuitive interface that includes helpful online resources that completely fit our needs. TeLMS™ has a strong quiz builder and a set of testing review tools that helped us create effective and engaging online training maximizing our Return on investment to less-than 4 months. In-turn it reduced our educational Total cost of ownership by 62%. We couldn’t be happier with our final product selection of TeLMS™.

Bringing our online learning (eLearning) to life. We were able to utilize our existing training media including PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Adobe Portable Document Files into a stunning multi-media production.

Eva Roberts-Peterson


Everything in our society is going mobile, we believe training needs to do the same. Timely deployment and ongoing support were key for us using TeLMS™ and an essential piece of our ongoing corporate training puzzle. Also a key component to our online strategy allowing us to bring elearning to our staff anywhere they go, and at their own pace. What an excellent learning product, mobile device compatible, we use it Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

What a wonderful opportunity for us and our clients!

Daniel Perkins, Ph.D.


We were looking for a way to train our newcomers to the process and procedures of our company. We also wanted to facilitate the transition of knowledge from those who have experience to the beginners. With TeLMS™ we found a complete answer to our needs, well suited for our purposes, and this, without having to waste time with a complex tool. We are delighted and have become unconditional TeLMS™ users. Thank you.

Judith Pat Kline-Klinman

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